Digital Smart Solutions for Your Business

We are ZIEX. We are experts in digital marketing and WEB development.

Est. 2009

230+ clients

We’re the whole package: digital strategy + development + marketing

Development skills and competence

You can totally rely on our experience in:

Custom web-development

Modules, functionalities, automatization scripts — IT-solutions for your growth and better customer experience.

We deliver projects with custom export-import facilities, ordering process, filters, online-forms etc.

Fixing bugs and problems that ruin your SEO

We’ve made basic technical optimization for hundreds of web-sites, starting from solving issues with meta-tags to new structure and custom modules.

Our core technologies

PHP, CSS, JS, Laravel, Yii, Server-side, API

Increasing conversion rate

We are constantly improving online projects with our clients. You can implement all necessary changes into the web-site, based on usability-audit. And also we’d like to offer you the deep usability-audit with focus-group with further technical realizations of all mentioned improvements.

Bringing into life new projects: fast and ready for promotion

Afraid of developing a new site for 8 months? We too!

Our clients could get fast, efficient solutions, based on proven technologies and modules. Corporate site and e-commerce project in 1 month is real, if you don’t need unique design and complicated functions.

The main point is our huge experience in digital marketing, so we know precisely what should be done for further promotion, successful advertising and business results.

Our main CMS

WordPress (+WooCommerce), Drupal, OpenCart, ModX, Magento, Joomla, Bitrix

SEO: boost your traffic and conversion

SEO is the cheapest and most effective source of traffic for our clients. And we definitely know jobs to be done:

Marketing analysis and SEO audit

We start with competitive analysis and strategy. Together we define your goals and KPI, priority service or products, most profitable categories.

You get a deep technical and usability audit, keyword research and the first SEO-plan.

Technical SEO

Every monthly plan has a technical check-list with issues and bugs to be fixed. Or some ideas for web-site growth. We have back-end and front-end developers in our team and huge experience in working with someone’s code.

Off-page optimization

Link-building is quite important, so we create content and find quality links to put.


We create content for blogs, commercial pages, news, guides, how-to, etc. It’s crucial for progress and making your project really valuable for visitors.

Transparent analytics and reports

We set up goals and build end-to-end analytics for better understanding and correction of strategy. You get client-orientated clear reports, based on our works and KPI.

We are successfully working with clients from different regions

Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, the USA, Italy

You get some bonuses and advantages

  1. Only up-to-date and “white” technologies and methods. We are developing and improving your project instead of trying to cheat.
  2. Transparent, user-friendly reports and communication. We are ready to explain every term and idea.
  3. Full SEO service. You don’t have to look for web-developers, SEO-specialists, content-managers and so on. Our experienced team work for you and your business-goals.
  4. Transparent KPI. Traffic and conversion growth — the most important and popular numbers for our clients.
  5. Win-win and high level service. We are proud of our project management team. Our cooperation is always based on win-win strategy and long-term relationships.

Social Media Marketing: reach new customers

Reach, engage and retain your customers in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.

Our clients get advertising campaigns that really work. What we do to achieve the goals:

  • Strategy and competitive analysis. The most important beginning that helps us to create targeted ads, choose an audience and make it better.
  • Trendy ads, including animation, video, stylish visuals. We do love and make fresh designs.
  • A/B tests. We launch different groups of ads so to define the best and profitable.
  • Account or web-site analysis. We check your landing (account or web-site) and propose some key improvements to increase your conversion rate.
  • Optimization based on analytics
  • Remarketing in social media, look-alike audience: we use a variety of methods to make your sales better.

We build projects with great clients

We are ZIEX

ZIEX is a team of tough, experienced, creative and open-minded people, passionate about everything digital. By choosing us, you have found the right needle in a haystack of development teams.

Our field is the Internet, and we only harvest customer satisfaction.

Our team


+375 44 701 88 88 (Telegram, Viber)

Minsk, Belarus